Rosen Method

stainglasscenter4wcv_bkgdRosen Method Bodywork uses gentle touch, self-awareness and words to explore where we hold tension in the body. Founder Marion Rosen said, “Our biography becomes our biology.” She meant that our bodies are shaped by our life experience. Muscle tension reveals how we cope with stress or where we have held old painful memories, emotions and beliefs about ourselves. This “holding” creates barriers in the body that limit our breath and our full sense of aliveness. By taking time to feel the sensations and emotions in the body, we gain greater insight into ourselves, and have more compassion for our humanness. As we tell the truth about our experience in living, our muscles soften, allowing our soul-self to rise more fully with our breath. Rosen is a gentle process of healing from the inside out, from our adapted selves to our authentic selves.