“Kellie is an amazing healer! I crushed a vertebrae in a car accident in 1984. I lived with pain throughout my chest, legs, and neck for 20 years. I tried countless chiropractors, massage therapists, neurosurgeons, and internal medicine specialists. Each one took care of some of the pain, but only temporarily. I found they were requiring weekly visits and I was spending a lot of money for very little results. Within three sessions I was pain free. The pain has never returned to the previous levels. She is a wonder! Thanks Kellie for giving my life back!”
M.R.  Minneapolis

“Rosen has helped me trust the true stories my body holds and allows the deepest of feelings to see the light of day.  In that, there has been great healing.” K.S.  Minneapolis

“Rosen Method Bodywork helps me go to an internal depth that is difficult to reach all by myself. Kellie’s intuition holds space for that journey of reveal, a place in my body that I might not have known was there. This work has been key to bringing me, back to me.”  M.L.  Plymouth

“I had a total left knee replacement in August and Kellie was extremely helpful in getting me to where I am today. I had major swelling in the left ankle and foot along with severe nerve pain that Kellie was able to control and after two weeks both were totally gone. Ten weeks later I can walk two miles, bike and have absolutely no pain in my knee.”  S.C.  Minnetonka

“Kellie has healing hands. She has the ability to transfer love through her hands. Rosen touch offers me a sense of calm, peace and wellness.”
A.M.  Physician in Minneapolis